What is DappStarter & Why Should I Use It?

June 22, 2020

You’ve heard about blockchain and decentralized app development and you’re ready to get started. And best of all, you’re in the right place. At TryCrypto we help developers get their blockchain mojo in minutes. In this blog we’ll detail what DappStarter is and why it’s a must have for decentralized app developers.

What is DappStarter?
DappStarter is the custom blockchain app generator for decentralized blockchain applications (dapps). It makes decentralized app development more efficient, it’s full-stack, and outputs an open source solution for developers. DappStarter can be used online at the DappStarter website or developers can opt for the command line interface (CLI) based approach.

Regardless of how you get started, we’ve made it as easy as picking which lego blocks you want and clicking a button! 

DappStarter simply has you select:

1. Stack Options

2. Smart Contract Features

3. Dapp Name

Yes, it’s that simple and here’s what the web-based interface looks like...

And here’s a sample animation of the DappStarter CLI 

At the end of both you simply click “Create Dapp” and that’s it! A GitHub repo for a working decentralized application is dynamically created and you’re off and running. The best part is that we’re always adding more blockchains, languages, blocks, and features to DappStarter.

Why You Should Use DappStarter
Web developers entering into the world of decentralized app (dapp) development have to learn new concepts and development techniques before getting started. Beyond learning the new concepts, there is tooling to get familiar with and configure. Learning and configuring new technologies takes time and comes at a cost.  

Developers getting started with decentralized app development can save a lot of time and headaches by using DappStarter. The GitHub repo that DappStarter creates would take weeks to create if you were starting from scratch. If you’re familiar with web 2.0 development, you are likely familiar with starter kits, scaffolding templates, or code generators. DappStarter can be viewed in the same light as those, but that’s just the beginning. 

Not only does DappStarter get you up and running quickly, it gives you sample code that’s highly commented for how to best develop for blockchain. If you want to be efficient and get straight to the code without the headaches, you’re in the right place!

Get Started Building today at https://dappstarter.decentology.com

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