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At Decentology, we don’t just ‘talk’ inclusivity.

As we grow our ecosystem, support both financially and strategically, groups such as Surge Women, Women in Blockchain, NamasteyNFT (Artists residing in India), TryCrypto (community of women building crypto products), and many others around the world.

Mayank Tiwari

Mayank Tiwari


Sometimes you just need that one person who believes in you to prove what you are. Nik is that person. With Decentology he supported the vision of Asia's biggest NFT summit, NamasteyNFT Bengaluru 2022, bringing web3 world to more than 10,000 people.

Denise Schaefer

Denise Schaefer

Surge Women

Decentology shares our north star mission to on-board newcomers and bring diversity to the Web3 space. The Hyperverse will play a huge role in the next wave of crypto adaptation.

Dayana Yankulova

Dayana Yankulova


Being a community of women builders, TryCrypto is driven by inclusivity and collaboration. Working with the Decentology team is amazing, because I am consistently reminded that Web3 isn't all about technology; culture and humanity play a big part in what we're creating.

Manpreet Kaur

Manpreet Kaur

NftyDreams DAO

At NftyDreams DAO, we are on a mission to empower artists worldwide. Working alongside Decentology has been exciting for me; it has opened new dimensions for artists and Web3 developers. I believe if we dream, dare and develop together, we’re all gonna make it (WAGMI) in Web3.

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