DappStarter Repo Overview

June 17, 2020

Note: Since our last post in this series we have shipped a new version of DappStarter and we will use that version moving forward in this series. This new version leverages yarn.

Repo Overview
When you create a dapp with DappStarter everything flows smoothly and seamlessly. You arrive on the other side of the process and you’ve got a working dapp and a repo that you’re likely ready to explore. If you are a seasoned developer with knowledge of decentralized development then the structure of the project and what each file does may be obvious to you. However, if you’re just learning about blockchain or decentralized development you may have questions about some of the files in the repo and the way it’s organized.

You likely know what the node_modules folder represents, but you also see packages folder with several sub-folders that you may like to know more about. And that’s exactly what we’re going to explore in this post. So let’s get right to it:

Hopefully that overview of the project structure is helpful for understanding where files reside and exactly what we’re looking at in the repo. As we’re getting started, we don’t want to jump directly into the deep end just yet. In our next post, we’ll slowly wade into the shallow end by getting some “Quick Wins” under our belt. Then we’ll work our way toward the deeper waters.