What's Brewing 🍵 August 2nd | Weekly Update

August 2, 2021


🌊  Building on Flow: 3 Common Issues and How to Solve Them

This past week has been a blast as our team at Decentology kicked off the first ever Fast Floward bootcamp. We noticed three common issues bootcamp attendees encountered. Check out this post to learn more about these issues and how to get past them!

⏩  Join Fast Floward waitlist

Fast Floward has been a huge success so far! More than 500 developers from all over the world signed up for Fast Floward. We've closed applications for this round of Fast Floward, but if you want to learn how to build on the Flow blockchain, join our Fast Floward bootcamp waitlist here.

[Coming Soon!] Devs can now run their DappStarter projects Decentology's cloud-based containers

We are very excited to launch a new DappStarter feature where devs can run their projects on Decentology hosted remote containers. Containers that are hosted by Docker can be run on dev's local machine. (This container is already live on Docker Hub, check it out here.) Devs can also launch GitHub Codespaces and build remotely right from the project's GitHub repository.

🎮 Want to learn how to build a game on blockchain? Stay updated with what's up in Goobieverse

We are building a DappStarter foundation module that will help developers make their own engaging game on Flow. Developers can tinker with the code to develop their own unique adaptation of Goobieverse simply by creating a new DappStarter project that uses the module. We will launch an in-game token called 'Goobloons'. Players can gift Goobloons to other players.

Here's a sneak peek into the latest developments of Project Goobieverse! 👀

Stuck somewhere?

👩‍💻 👨‍💻 If you are already building with DappStarter and have hit a roadblock, don't worry. Simply post the issue on our Discord server and we will get you unblocked within 24 hours!

Share what you're building!

We are always excited to see what you have built with DappStarter! Share your projects with us on our Discord server or tag us in your tweet with @Decentology.

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