What's brewing 🍵 Aug 23rd | Weekly Update

August 23, 2021


☁️ Leverage DappStarter cloud to build dapps without hassles

Decentology is working towards enhancing developer experience. Running DappStarter in cloud will simplify dapp development. Here's what you can expect by building your dapp on DappStarter cloud:

DappStarter + Cloud = ❤️

🌊  Four incredible weeks of Fast Floward coming to a glorious end

The Fast Floward Graduation Ceremony was a success! After 3 weeks of learning, questing, and community-building Fast Floward participants gathered together to celebrate their achievements and discuss what’s next for Fast Flowarders. Check out the recording here.

Check out Fast Floward on our YouTube channel.

⏩  Access Fast Floward resources and learn how to build on Flow!

Access to resources for learning can be challenging. We are committed to making all learning resources accessible to everyone, even if they did not participate in the bootcamp. We’ve compiled a list of all resources from Fast Floward that are open to everyone. Check it out here!

🎮 Want to learn how to build a game on blockchain? Stay updated with what's up in Goobieverse

Project Goobieverse is an upcoming DappStarter foundation module to help developers learn hands-on how to build a comprehensive, immersive, and engaging game experience for the Flow blockchain.

We started a blog series where we share our journey of coming up with Project Goobieverse. In our last blogpost, we went over the game elements of Project Goobieverse such as Goobies, Goobloons, Clashes, and marketplace. This week we will talk more about Goobies, their capabilities and attributes. Check it out here!

💡 Learn blockchain with Samina

Samina is here again with a tinkering for you— have you wondered what are the barriers holding back crypto to be accepted? Is this system truly financially equitable for everyone?

Check out Samina's blog, where she talks about whether we need to trust crypto in the same way we trust the US Dollar or other fiat currencies to adopt it. Follow Samina on Twitter and subscribe to her Substack.

Stuck somewhere?

👩‍💻 👨‍💻 If you are already building with DappStarter and have hit a roadblock, don't worry. Simply post the issue on our Discord server and we will get you unblocked within 24 hours!

We are curious what you built!

We are always excited to see what you have built with DappStarter! Share your projects with us on our Discord server or tag us in your tweet with @Decentology.

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