Project Goobieverse: What are Goobies?

Learn more about what are Goobies. Explore their capabilities and attributes!

Project Goobieverse: What are Goobies?

At Decentology, we are very excited to announce Project Goobieverse initiative. We spent the last few ths shaping up Project Goobieverse and now we are thrilled to share our journey with you. We decided to break down our journey into a multi-part blog series:

  1. Introduction to the metaverse of Goobieverse
  2. More about Goobies (We are here!) 
  3. Diving deep into the game mechanics
  4. Understanding the concept of generative art and how to make yours
  5. Wireframing the game UI

So, welcome aboard! Together we will go through all the bits and pieces of what it took to design Project Goobieverse. Each week we will publish the subsequent part, so keep watching this place to keep learning about our journey conceptualizing Project Goobieverse.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it! 

Project Goobieverse was launched at Decentology with an aim to help web3 developers build a decentralized, engaging game on the Flow blockchain. Eventually, Project Goobieverse will be available through DappStarter as a full-stack project. Developers can even modify the code and make their own game.

The primary resident of Goobieverse is a “Goobie”. There will be many Goobies inhabiting the Goobieverse. Each Goobie will not only look different than others, but also possess varied capabilities and attributes. 

Most of the gamification of the game engenders from Goobies. For example, Goobies compete with each other to acquire territories and wealth through the means of a “Clash”. The incentive to participate in a clash and acquire wealth and territory is to increase a Goobie’s longevity. To understand the game elements of Goobieverse, check out this blog. Since this game is on blockchain, it makes sense to present Goobies as Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs. All characteristics associated with the Goobie will be defined in a smart contract in which Goobies manifest themselves as NFTs. A Goobie may carry accessories, for example horns or wings. These in turn would be nester NFTs. 

The way Goobies come into existence is through “minting”. This is essentially a smart contract call which triggers generative art engines to fashion more Goobies. 

A newly minted Goobie will have the following:

  1. Random physical appearance
  2. Fixed attributes: Name, Date of Birth and Tribe
  3. Variable attributes: Lifespan, Strength, Speed
  4. Variable appearance attributes: Horns, Wings
  5. Territories owned: Single territory at mint

In the next blog post, we will talk about Goobies and game mechanics in depth. We will also explore in depth the rules we came up with for Goobieverse. 

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