We’ve got a fresh new look!

Our sites - hyperverse.dev and decentology.com have undergone some serious revamp, and here’s our thought-process to why we’ve done, what we’ve done.

We’ve got a fresh new look!

With Web3 curiosity significantly on the rise, collaborative innovation is more critical than ever. We created the Hyperverse to help millions of web developers get started with Web3, and we wanted to reflect the themes of familiarity, ease and accelerated learning across our websites.

Community-centric hyperverse.dev

Hyperverse.dev is designed to be developer-centric; hence it's all about cutting through the unnecessary BS to get straight to the point. Start building here and now. Usability and user experience are key here. There is a clear call-to-action (CTA) to kick start the user journey with minimal steps while keeping the visual integrity of the Hyperverse brand intact.

Powered by Google Sites

As a newly transitioned HyperverseDAO, we are building a community that will shape the direction of the organization. We want the constantly evolving site to be a collaborative workspace; where members can share resources and documents with ease. Google sites worked as the perfect fit.

Meet the revamped Decentology.com

Decentology.com has undergone a facelift to become our corporate site. Our focus - to fortify our reputation and establish a long-term partnership by bringing the entire Decentology ecosystem to the forefront, all while keeping our brand identity in tact. We worked closely with Eikon Labs to bring our vision to life.

The website highlights our core product, the Hyperverse, of course. But, instead of focusing on a specific product or service, we spotlight the organization's culture, social responsibility, news features, partnerships, corporate updates, and investor portfolio.

A warm welcome

The site starts with a personal invite from us - to join us in doing what we do best - Unlocking Composability for Web3 - and the benefit to the user quickly follows the invite as an attention-grabbing CTA button - Start Building & Get Rewarded.

We made sure that the entire site contains well-spaced out CTA buttons with a variety of messaging that call for visitors to take a deeper dive.

Keeping it sleek and quick

We were mindful not to overwhelm site visitors with large paragraphs of text, so dynamic sections help keep large amounts of information structured flawlessly to ease their UX.

Quick loading Lottie files (compared to gifs) accompanied by concise copy give a quick glimpse of what the Hyperverse is all about. Each section is energized by colorful, looping lotties that are animated story pieces by themselves.

Recent team photos from across the world deliver our journey in a personable manner while further connecting us with like-minded Web3 enthusiasts. Scroll further, and you can keep up with all the latest excitement and development through our blog posts, before getting acquainted with our investors.

We hope you like the revamp. Join us in our Discord to tell us how we can keep making Web3 composable, accessible, and inclusive for all.

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