We Powered India’s First-ever Web3 Mega Metaverse Summit!

On 14 & 15 May 2022, we were part of bringing together thousands of artists, creators, collectors, and pioneers of the Web3 industry for a one-of-a-kind event. As Title and Diad Sponsor, Decentology had the privilege of powering NamasteyNFT Bengaluru 2022 and leading workshops for web developers. Here’s a glimpse.

We Powered India’s First-ever Web3 Mega Metaverse Summit!

What is NamasteyNFT?

A few ths ago, NamasteyNFT was a WhatsApp group of 10 NFT ensiasts with one mission - empowering and supporting emerging creators in India through an artist-driven community fund. Today, this growing collective has amassed the strength of 1,500 members, who’ve come together to organize an event the region has never seen before - NamasteyNFT Bengaluru 2022, a 2-day extravaganza that united more than 10,000 participants, including 300 artists, 20 speakers, and 15 startups.

High-energy, High-value & High-innovation event

At Decentology, we have a single-minded goal - to make Web3 accessible to web developers across the globe and accelerate the adoption of decentralized technologies. As the Title and Diad Sponsor, we were thrilled to power NamasteyNFT Bengaluru 2022. But, more than that, we had great fun introducing Web3 to thousands of people in India and onboarding new users into the decentralized future.

Introducing the ⌘Hyperverse

The first workshop, led by Decentolgy’s Community Manager Niharika Singh, was targeted toward JavaScript developers. We surprised them by showing how quick and easy it can be to build Dapps (Decentralized Applications) on the ⌘Hyperverse.

Discovering, Building & etizing Web3 Apps

In the next workshop, our Founder & CEO, Nik Kalyani, took to stage to unveil incredible opportunities within the Web3 space. Participants learned how to land paid bounties for building Dapps and contributing towards the newly-launched HyperverseDAO.

But, it wasn’t just all work and no play

We gave ‘airdropping’ merch a new meaning. And, participants enjoyed Decentology giveaways worth more than 10 ETH. It was non-stop excitement; we thought you might like a glimpse.

The Party Never Stops!

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