TryCrypto partners with WEF Global Shapers for COVID-19 Reponse

Block COVID is a global virtual innovation camp empowering teams to build practical solutions for everyday problems during the pandemic and beyond.

TryCrypto partners with WEF Global Shapers for COVID-19 Reponse

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has recently been turned upside down. Like many of you, we wondered what we could do to help. During a TryCrypto team meeting we discussed the idea of hosting a virtual summit since everyone is currently working from home and since in-person events were being cancelled. We decided to move forward and since then we’ve been overwhelmed by the encouragement, support, and reception the event has received.

What is Block COVID?

Block COVID is a th-long virtual open innovation camp to activate anyone anywhere to build COVID-19 solutions on the blockchain and more.  By providing a collaboration platform, mentorship, subject-matter expertise, and technical support, we aim to inspire and catalyze implementable products to address societal challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic by the end of the th. Block COVID provides an opportunity for teams to:
- Learn new tools to ideate, design, build, and implement innovative solutions, such as creating service design frameworks and shipping blockchain applications
- Hear from thought leaders across diverse industries and put their top tips into practice
- Connect with other developers, designers, entrepreneurs, students, industry experts, and more!
- Make a difference in the world!

s far, we've welcomed top leaders in the blockchain industry from the World Economic Forum to Truffle Suite to Nebulous Labs and even the Royal College ofArt ‒ we've been so amazed by the generosity we've seen in this effort and are so excited to see what this community builds.

Get involved! Here's how:

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