TryCrypto Is Now Decentology — Simplifying Developer Experience for Building Blockchain Apps

September 8, 2020

We are thrilled to announce that TryCrypto has rebranded to Decentology. While our name has changed, our focus remains unchanged — simplifying the developer experience for building blockchain apps. 

When we first started TryCrypto, we had one goal — make blockchain more accessible for mainstream users. We quickly came to the realization that blockchain adoption by mainstream users was stalled due to the lack of user friendly apps. Looking deeper, we found the root cause was the lack of developer tooling for building decentralized apps. 

That’s when we set our sights on making it easier for developers to build blockchain apps. In the past three months, we have made significant progress with DappStarter, our blockchain-agnostic platform for building full-stack, customizable blockchain apps. We have already reduced the time to build Ethereum or Flow blockchain apps from weeks to under 15 minutes, and many other blockchains such as Solana and Near Protocol are coming to the platform soon.

As we continue to go all in on blockchain, we wanted to make this clearer for developers, customers and investors. A portmanteau of “decentralized” and “technology,” the name Decentology removes any ambiguity about our focus — it’s not cryptocurrency, it’s decentralized technology. 

But our name also touches on something much more foundational – decency. We believe decentralized technology has the potential to help create a better, more equitable world where everyone has access to a decent quality of life. That equitable world starts with developers. It starts with the people who will explore, experiment, and build. 

Already, amazing applications have been built using Decentology products – from COVID-19 health communications to loyalty systems – and we cannot wait to see what the community builds as we move into this new chapter.

Along with our new name, we have a new logo that puts the spotlight on Merkle, our mascot (a blue and gold macaw). If you’d like a cool Merkle sticker for your laptop, follow @decentology on Twitter and DM us your mailing address. And if you haven’t yet tried DappStarter, check it out right’s the decent thing to do —


“If [people] would behave decently, the world would be decent.”

George Orwell

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