The future of Web3 is exciting and here's why you should be a part of it

November 30, 2021

Web3 is a dynamic landscape for the world to explore. It refers to decentralized apps (dapps) that run on the blockchain. There is no single controlling entity and dapps that are built onto the network are open. We realize that web3 can be very challenging for devs trying to get into the field alone.

Decentology's objective is to help developers add Web3 to their talent stack quicker without being overpowered by buzzwords. Today, the percentage of blockchain developers is still significantly fewer than the devs in the web2 space. While the number of blockchain engineers responsible for creating the technology protocols or the software may remain small due to the expertise required, there's a massive potential for the growth of dapp (decentralized apps) developers. Their role is to interact with blockchain programs and create applications that don't rely on a centralized system.

To put it in a context, it's exactly like the current trend in Web2 where engineers create web servers or work on the browser. This type of job requires a specific skill set where certain engineers do the heavy lifting while a ton of talent can benefit from the application development. At Decentology, this skillset will develop for the Hyperverse, our decentralized marketplace.

"A lot of people think that Web2 to Web3 is a transition. I think it's not the right way to think about it. Web3 should just be another thing in your talent stack as a developer. You don't have to give up Web2, rather augment your current skill set by learning Web3." - said Nik Kalyani, Co-Founder and CEO at Decentology.

Web3, Blockchain, and why the Hyperverse?

Currently, in the case of Web3, we have several blockchains, and on those blockchains, we run programs called smart contracts that can be created by anyone. There is no standard around these contracts. Developers can create the applications they want and later deploy them for actual use. All they need to know is the address of the smart contract - a long series of numbers and characters that identifies each smart contract in the blockchain. Usually, these contracts are present in large numbers, and one cannot simply search for them on Google by typing something like "I want a smart contract for creating tokens".

With the development of the Hyperverse, we are solving some of the most burning questions in web3. Like the existing model that has worked successfully for Web2 in the form of APIs and Javascript, the Hyperverse allows everything to happen on blockchains; there is no central server or a service that you have to subscribe to, and anybody interested in building for the Hyperverse can create software and deploy it.

The idea is to let experienced developers with a niche skill set build these smart modules and then deploy them on the chain so that other developers can just wire up and use them instead of writing complex codes. It allows developers to quickly and rapidly build applications without knowing about writing smart contracts code or learning complex languages like Solidity, Cadence, and Rust.

Your journey to web3 starts with HYPERHACK

Are you ready to get started? We’ve got you covered:

At HYPERHACK, your goal would be to learn more about Hyperverse and its modules. For this content-based hackathon, you’ll explain what combination you could utilise to construct an intriguing dapp with the modules. NO CODING is needed. Blogs, videos, podcasts, slide decks, TikToks recorded Zoom sessions or Twitter spaces, recorded IRL events can be used to demonstrate your knowledge and present your ideas.

While the event is open for everyone, developers, architects, bloggers, and product managers will find it particularly interesting.

For more details and registration, check HERE.

You can apply for three main categories:

Just like every other competition, there's a prize for those who love to take extra efforts to pull off a difficult job.

Some of the perks you can expect:

Join us in the thrill of learning Web 3.0!

For further details and queries, you contact our dedicated staff during our weekly Hyperhack office hours. And of course, we are always one click away available on Discord.