Start Building on our Ethereum Working Group

With our recent transition to a DAO, we are opening the realm of having Working Groups for each of the chains that the Hyperverse is on. is just the first step.

Start Building on our Ethereum Working Group

When transitioning into a DAO, it is important to create Working Groups (WGs) around specific sectors within the DAO. For Hyperverse, the WGs would be for each and every chain we support in our ecosystem. Currently, we are on Ethereum, Flow, Algorand, Metis, Polygon, and more.

So what exactly does the WG site consist of? Let’s dive straight into for Ethereum.

Welcome to is the one-stop shop for you to view all the Smart Modules on the Hyperverse built on Ethereum. For example, accessing the ERC-721 module guides you step-by-step on creating your own NFT.

Step 1: You can create a tenant contract by inputting a custom token name and symbol.

Step 2: You’ll learn how to clone and run a template NextJS application that includes all the functionality you need to build a Dapp with your custom NFT.

These functionalities include public or private minting, transferring, and more.

And, all of this is done in a matter of minutes and no Smart Contract code knowledge is needed.

Watch this HyperBite to see it in action 💪

WGs for Every Chain we Support

We are currently in the process of building WGs for every chain we support. is next in development, and yes you guessed it, it will include all the Smart Modules on the Hyperverse that’s built on the Flow blockchain.

Now, it’s your turn! We are looking forward to see what you will be building next on the Hyperverse.

Jump on now! 🚀

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