Product, Product, Product

Kickass functionality in PhotoKey, new and improved DappStarter UI, updated documentation, and plans for a collection feature module ‒ we're all about product in this week's update.

Product, Product, Product

This Week’s Update

In these week’s update, we’ve got a lot cookin’ on the product side of things:

  1. PhotoKey is looking beautiful
  2. DappStarter new and improved UI is on the way
  3. Updated documentation!
  4. Collection feature module is in-progress

PhotoKey Update 🖼

This week we implemented lots of kickass functionality into PhotoKey and we’re super excited to share. We’re still working on signing and implementing relays for paying transactions on behalf of the user, but we’ve implemented multi-key and import support and we’re excited about how beautiful it’s looking. 😍

When you create a PhotoKey, you have the option to Customize PhotoKey, which allows you to choose a wallpaper for PhotoKey accounts with multiple keys. Each wallpaper represents a different key so users can visually see which key they’re using at a given time.

This update makes sure users know which account they’re using and provides as a security feature. If a user is directed to a phishing site, the wallpaper won’t show up because the IPFS hash will not be correct — indicating to users that the site is not to be trusted!

DappStarter UI 🖋

This week we’re actually implementing the updates and writing the content that will now help guide developers using DappStarter. These rough wireframes give an idea of the improvements we’ll be making:

The new UI includes:

  • “Recipes”, pre-configured DappStarter Projects that developers can use to quickly build functionality
  • Slider overlay panel that provides helper text for developers
  • Small fixes that we think will make using DappStarter even better 😎

Updated documentation 📚

This is a work in progress but we’re getting there! We didn’t update all of our docs yet, but we’ve got the basic functionality updated, which is fantastic. We’re searching for a more flexible tool for documentation that makes it really easy to manage different platforms (Ethereum vs. Flow, for example).

Collection Feature Module 🤝

We’re finalizing the marketplace-style module requirements this week. We realized that we can adapt our existing Entity Collection feature module to fit this requirement, which saves time for us and makes it easier for developers to use this module! We’ve outlined a few scenarios where the basic functionality of creating a collection of items is useful ‒ an NFT collection situation, a product marketplace, and a media library.

Next Week’s Goals

  1. Ship newest version of PhotoKey to demo site
  2. Get Quickstart Guide finalized
  3. MVP for DappStarter UI updates
  4. Implement new features for Entity Collection feature module


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