Our First Mainnet App Powering Dreams of Artists

A month ago, on 24th August, 2022, we successfully started powering our first Mainnet app. A quick dive into how we made the NftyDreamsDAO mint possible with the Hyperverse ERC-1155 module integration.

Our First Mainnet App Powering Dreams of Artists

Before we get into the details of powering the NftyDreams DAO mint page with the Hyperverse, we believe congratulations are in order!

As NftyDreams DAO celebrates its one-month minting anniversary, 2250 (and counting) Dreamer Mint Passes have found new homes in the wallets of artists, collectors and Web3 enthusiasts. Founded by Nik Kalyani, NftyDreams DAO is a Web3 collective on a mission to increase the worldwide market for NFT art, thereby empowering artists to harness their talent to make a living, through access to education, grants, exhibits, technology and more.

We’re proud to power the NftyDreams DAO mint page with the Hyperverse ERC-1155 Smart Module integration, making this our first Mainnet application using the Hyperverse.

“The Hyperverse Smart Module made it super simple for us to build out this minting application. It removed the complexity of connecting with the blockchain, so that we could focus on building the React-based drop App and wire up the UI. Basically, the Hyperverse did all the heavy-lifting for us.
- Taraka Prabhu,  Technology Lead,  NftyDreams DAO Operations Guild

Features of the ERC-1155 Smart Module Integration

  • Base JavaScript dApp Starter
  • JavaScript abstraction for all Smart Module functions
  • Simplifies all Smart Contract interactions into JavaScript calls
  • Wallet Connect Integration
  • Automatic zero-effort integration with all major Ethereum wallets
  • Web3-friendly User Interface
  • React-based modern UI with component-based usage of Smart Contract functions
  • Easy Development Experience
  • Use npm packages to easily extend and build your Web3 dApp

Dreamer Mint Passes are still minting here. You can join the movement by purchasing a Dreamer NFT Mint Pass for 0.015 Ethereum, as well as following NftyDreams DAO on Twitter.

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