NFT App Composer Update #1

December 14, 2020

TL;DR: We’re making it easy for developers to build NFT-enabled apps with NFT Composer, a tool that provides NFT building blocks that can be combined together to create amazing apps.

NFT Composer will be nested within the existing DappStarter platform

There still isn’t a kickass tool for developers wanting to build NFT-enabled applications. DappStarter, our platform for building blockchain apps, has NFT functionality, but it’s not extensive. Taking notice of the amazing NFT apps that have shipped recently, we decided to take our NFT functionality to the next level with a brand new NFT Composer, which provides extensive options that can be combined together to create powerful NFT-enabled applications, including minting models, metadata options, and more!

This Week's NFT Composer Updates

  1. Working on NFT Composer front-end
  2. Wireframing "Unlock Content" UI
  3. Experimenting with GDevelop for NFT-enabled games

Working on NFT Composer front-end

This week we started building out the basic navigation for the Composer. Next week we'll start populating the "Foundation" tab with content and work on overall styling.

Wireframing "Unlock Content" UI

The Unlock Content model allows developers to build applications with paywalls, where an NFT can be used to unlock the content behind the paywall. When developers select this option in DappStarter, they’ll get a dapp with a functional UI that looks something like the one below.

Screen #1: Select Interests

Experimenting with GDevelop for NFT-enabled games

We're also working on building a test game using GDevelop, an open source game engine. The plan is to allow developers to use the NFT Composer and GDevelop to easily create NFT-enabled games. This week, we put together an initial storyline for the game and started creating early levels on GDevelop. We also started working on a guide that outlines how to use GDevelop to build an NFT-enabled game.

The test game looks pretty RPG-like, which is in-line with many NFT-enabled games (many of which are dungeon-oriented)


  1. We love feedback! Let us know what you think on Discord or on Twitter @Decentology
  2. Building an NFT-enabled app? We'd love to talk ‒ shoot us an email at

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