Only a week after the launch of Hyperhack, we have 200+ people registered for our hackathon. We’re so excited to have you all on-board!


Only a week after the launch of Hyperhack, we have 200+ people registered for our hackathon. We’re so excited to have you all on-board!

Decentology is on a bold mission. We want to make web3 accessible to everyone and onboard 10 million devs to start working on web3 and add new skills to their talent stack.  

If you haven’t joined Hyperhack yet, it’s not too late. We’re excited and invested in helping you level up your tech stack and grow your career.

Hyperhack is our th-long hackathon, open to everyone with aspirations in the web3 space. If you are just starting your journey or already have some experience, you can learn a lot by participating. Here is why:

Why should you take on the challenge?

All participants in Hyperhack will be introduced to the Hyperverse, an open, decentralized, blockchain-agnostic marketplace for composable smart contracts.

We have five modules on the platform. Your role in this hackathon will be to learn more about them and share what combination you can use to create an interesting decentralized app, or dapp.

Imagine that you are using five lego blocks. You should figure out which one of them you should use and in what combination to build the module. It is important to know that you don’t have to code in order to join the challenge.

Hyperhack welcomes participants from all careers, but developers, product managers, architects, and bloggers might find this hackathon especially exciting.

How to sign up?

The answer to this one is easy. Check our Hyperhack webpage for all registration details.  

The criteria we are looking for is an understanding of the Hyperverse--and we’re here for all of your questions!

You can apply for three main categories:

  • Thinker - create content about the type of dapp you would build using Hyperverse.
  • Scholar - create content about how to build dapps for the Hyperverse and best practices for building.
  • Tinker - build something cool using the Hyperverse and tell us how you built it.

Feel free to express your knowledge in all forms that suit your style – a blog, video, podcast, slide deck, series of TikToks (if this is your power, go for it!), recorded Zoom sessions or Twitter spaces, recorded IRL events, or anything else that you can think of.

We prepared a bunch of valuable resources for you in our sectionGet Started”.

“We want to hear your big ideas, what you would develop on the Hyperverse. You can write a blog post, create all types of content and submit it. Be as creative as you want and submit as many times as you want,” shares Bekah Hawrot Weigel, our Community Engineer.

Our goal is to get you to understand what web 3 technologies are and get a feel for the workflow.

“You are augmenting the skills you really have and preparing for this huge market that is opening up if you want to build your career and increase your salary. There are a lot of great paying jobs in the web3 ecosystem,” adds Nik Kalyani, Decentology’s co-founder and CEO.

Are you up for the win?

Like every competition, this will include prizes for those who go the extra mile and submit awesome work.

Some of the perks you can expect:

  • $25 000 in prizes
  • Decentology Swag
  • An Elite Bootcamp where you can build an awesome dapp with our dev team
  • Invitation to a specially curated Twitter Space where you can share your experience

Next steps

We would be very happy to support you in your web3 journey. Hop on Discord and ask any questions that you might have. Seriously – any!

We have a dedicated team that is there to help you and are excited to hear the first success stories of people who developed their careers in web3.

We promise it will be fun, and if you find challenges along the way, our dev trio Samina, Jacob, and Gel will be expecting you in our Hyperhack Office Hours each week.

Join the excitement of learning Web 3 with us!

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