How Blox Consulting is Building Dapps More Efficiently with DappStarter

Blox Consulting provides blockchain-based services, from development to consulting and even deployment. We down with Blox to talk about how they're using DappStarter for their current project building supply chain procurement software.

How Blox Consulting is Building Dapps More Efficiently with DappStarter

Blox Consulting is a blockchain-focused consultancy based in Oxford, Ohio. The firm provides a wide range of blockchain-based services, from development of multiple blockchain frameworks and languages, to expertise in consulting and implementing many applications of the technology.

Blox was founded in January of 2019 by Ashton Barger and Jack Gilcrest. The two met at Miami University Blockchain Club, where Barger served as the President at the time. As students, they were approached by firms that wanted blockchain app development services and that’s when Barger and Gilcrest created Blox Consulting.

Gilcrest, Blox’s CTO, is now the current President of the Miami University Blockchain Club and a rising Senior majoring in Computer Science. Blox’s CEO, Barger graduated this year and also serves as a Digital Marketing Analyst at Red Ventures. The team currently has 5 additional developers working on complex blockchain solutions.

Can you talk a bit about your experience with DappStarter?

DappStarter offers some exciting features for anyone building blockchain apps, from the GUI/ CLI options, to prebuilt Solidity code chunks, to React.js boilerplates. We are excited to see the continued implementation of modules across the board of Web3 development that will eventually lead DappStarter to be a tool not only for starting decentralized applications, but finishing them as well!

How has DappStarter been helpful s far in your development process?

DappStarter lays the foundation for any dapp. For example, in a project we’re currently working on, we used the custom token module and modified it to fit exactly what we needed for the project. The great thing about DappStarter is that it has built-in best practices that we can build on top of, which saves time and effort in the development process, allowing us to deliver high quality code faster to our clients.

We could also see DappStarter being incredibly helpful in time-sensitive situations like hackathons. While the COVID-19-themed vacation we’re all taking has prevented much in the way of competitive destrations of business ideas, we’re looking forward to encouraging its use to all of our hackathon attendees at the 2020 Miami University Blockathon!

Which modules have you found most helpful and which modules have you incorporated into your current project?

For our current project, we used the admin role and custom token modules. We’ve heavily modified the custom token module to meet our needs. We’re building with React.js, so having the ability to choose the front-end framework was really nice as well.

The file storage module offers the most novel use case of the existing blocks. This is by far the most complex system handled by DappStarter, and those with little experience with decentralized file storage will make much quicker progress than trying to build the entire thing on their own.

What’s your favorite blockchain project you’ve built s far?

We really enjoyed the experience we got while building our first project, Tandapay. Tandapay was a decentralized peer-to-peer parametric insurance platform that worked to make small insurance claims to groups of parties that knew each other. It gave us the opportunity to get expertise doing smart contract audits, creating and running our very own project, and working with a client to deliver a fully functional blockchain product. This was the first of many we plan to build within Blox, and are currently working to revolutionize an industry that has a lot of outdated software ‒ procurement for industrial supply chains. Stay tuned for updates and announcements on our progress there!

What’s your favorite quarantine activity s far?

Ashton: The Virtual Blockchain Conference was really great timing-wise because it happened right as quarantine started so we were able to continue championing blockchain education virtually, which was a really awesome way to spend time especially in the beginning of quarantine. I've also been spending time getting back into French, I'm on day 40 of Duolingo!

Jack: The conference was definitely a unique way to spend time in quarantine and a great learning experience for me. On the side, I've been mocking up my own IoT room, so everything is going to be connected ‒ the lights in the room will be synced up with the speakers and all that. To me, IoT homes are super cool and it's exciting to build my own connected space and learn how everything works.

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