Web3 Hacktoberfest

Starting off Hacktoberfest 2021 with a list of resources for Web2 developers looking to get started in Web3.

Web3 Hacktoberfest

Here at Decentology, we support community growth and collaboration within Web3. We believe in pushing boundaries and being innovative to create positive change in this space. Hacktoberfest is a global initiative to celebrate and encourage open source software. Being a part of this event allows us to promote all of these things that align with our values. We're happy to be partaking in Hacktoberfest this year and want to provide a clear path for those interested in exploring the Web3 space. In the spirit of collaboration, community, and change, we've created a list of resources to support those interested or already a part of the Web3 experience.

Insightful Articles:

Online Courses:





Software Tools:

Web3 Developers and Educators on Twitter You Should Follow:

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