Exciting Releases Ahead & Community Building

August 10, 2020

As we prepare to launch new features and an improved UI for DappStarter, implement exciting new functionality for PhotoKey, and share a few big partnership announcements, we’re starting to think more about how we can engage with our community! 🌱

This Week’s Updates

  1. DappStarter updates in-progress
  2. Collection feature module in-the-works
  3. PhotoKey is almost ready!
  4. New partnership announcements coming soon! 😉
  5. Working on community building 👩‍💻

DappStarter Updates 🚀

There are two important pieces to the DappStarter updates:

  1. Tweaks and fixes for better experience
  2. Significant UI changes to improve the developer experience and inform decision-making in the process of creating a project with DappStarter

This week, we completed all of the tweaks and fixes (e.g., pre-selecting a language for the user if a blockchain only supports one language, fixed a small bug in the UI, etc.) to make using DappStarter easy and intuitive. 🎉

Next week, we’re focused on the significant UI changes to improve the developer experience and inform decision-making. Here’s a peek at the new changes we’re implementing:

In this UI, you can see a few key things we’ve added:

  1. “Recipes” that provide developers with pre-configured DappStarter Projects to get building quickly

When users choose a recipe, the DappStarter configuration is automatically selected. If a user wants to change the pre-configured selection and add or remove certain functionality, they are free to do so. The goal is to take away the need to architect an application and instead give developers a quick and easy way to get started.

  1. Slider overlay panel that provides helper text and information about feature modules

The slider overlay panel will provide information on a given feature following a basic structure:

  1. What ‒ overview of the feature module functionality
  2. Why ‒ reasons a developer would choose to include this feature module
  3. Example ‒ a fictitious example demonstrating a use of the feature module
  4. Benefits ‒ bullet points outlining the key reasons to use the feature module

By making these changes to the DappStarter UI, we’re hoping to make it even easier for users to quickly get started building a project.

Collection Feature Module 🧩

We’ve finalized the requirements for the Collection Feature Module, and we’ve created three different options that will be available within DappStarter: Custom, Product, and NFT. Custom is generic and provides developers with a way to create an entity collection that is highly customized to their use case. Product provides functionality similar to Gumroad, where products can be listed and bought. NFT is intended to provide functionality for showcasing collections of NFTs.

We’re working on implementing Custom and Product this week.

PhotoKey Update 🖼

We’re so close to shipping the latest version so we can start getting feedback and having developers implement PhotoKey support into their applications. Last week we made serious headway on the UI with multi-key support. This week, we worked through how to handle multiple identities within different contexts and dapps.

Partnership Announcements 🤝

This week, we secured new partnerships that we’re excited about! While we can’t share anything quite yet, make sure you tune in for an exciting announcement in the next couple of weeks. 🥳

Notes on Community 🌱

We are thinking through how we can show love to our community!

A few thoughts:

  1. Engaging more on our Discord!
  2. Sending freebies to our users. ♥️

We’re really excited about the newest release of DappStarter and we’d love beta testers. If you want to help us out ‒ please fill out this form! We’ll send beta testers a few freebies. 😉

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