Emerald City DAO - the First Protocol DAO of the Hyperverse

May 12, 2022

Decentralization and transparency have always been key to how we do things at Decentology. This is the ethos that drives the Hyperverse, a truly open and decentralized on-chain marketplace for modular, blockchain smart contracts called Smart Modules.

To continue building the building blocks of Web3 together, we've been working on the structure, process, and governance of the HyperverseDAO, so we can hand over the governance of the Hyperverse to you, the community.

As we roll out the complete architecture, we'd like to share parts of the HyperverseDAO that are in place.

Representing Multiple Protocols

Since the Hyperverse is blockchain-agnostic, the DAO will have multiple protocols, each corresponding to different technologies, community members, and Smart Module needs. To accommodate these requirements, the DAO will represent protocols using two models:

  1. Protocol Working Groups: These are protocols that are still in the formative stages of a community within the Hyperverse
  2. Protocol DAOs: These are protocols that already have a well-established community within the Hyperverse

Announcing Emerald City DAO as the First Protocol DAO of the Hyperverse

Today, we are pleased to announce that Flow protocol-based Emerald City DAO will be the first protocol DAO of the Hyperverse. Emerald City DAO will maintain independent governance and will receive grants from HyperverseDAO to build and expand the Flow capabilities of the Hyperverse.

”We are super excited to take on this task. In the past few months, Emerald City has done a fantastic job taking on new tasks in the Flow ecosystem. Bringing multi-tenant smart contracts to Flow will be a great way to continue funding our amazing developers and teach them about all the awesome things the Hyperverse has to offer.” - Jacob Tucker: Lead Smart Contract Engineer, Decentology / Founder, Emerald City

Being a protocol DAO within the HyperverseDAO, Emerald City DAO will have several benefits, including:

The first grant for Emerald City DAO will be for $20,000 to build out the first GameFi Smart Module set and starter application (Dappstarter) for the Hyperverse. This grant is milestone-based and will culminate in a GameFi application for any JavaScript developer to clone to build their first Flow-based blockchain game.

And, there’s more!

Over the next few weeks, we will have a series of announcements and events where we will further define the structure of the HyperverseDAO.

To learn more and to join the discussion about the HyperverseDAO, we invite you to join our Discord and keep and eye on our tweets our tune in to this Twitter Space.