Developer DAO X Decentology: web3con 2022

February 27, 2022

The Decentology team is proud and excited to be the Diamond Sponsor of web3con (28th Feb - 6th March 2022). Organized by Developer DAO, the value-packed virtual conference helps anyone who's curious about the Web3 space to collaborate, learn, and vibe together. 

Joining the organizers, Decentology will be empowering and onboarding devs to Web3 through workshops, meetups, and an attractive Hackathon bounty ($10,000 in prizes!). 

Additionally, we'll be driving both JavaScript devs and Smart Contract devs to build and bring to life their Web3 apps using the Hyperverse, an open marketplace of community-built, audited, easy-to-discover Smart Modules.

This collaboration will help JavaScript devs build Web3 apps at Hyperspeed using JavaScript on the Hyperverse. In other words, JavaScript devs can develop apps on the blockchain without writing smart contract code. This is achieved using smart contract composability, one of the principle architecture features of the Hyperverse. JavaScript devs leverage on-chain Smart Modules to bring their Web3 app to life. 

Simply put, Smart Modules are a collection of composable smart contracts that devs can choose from to begin their journey on the Hyperverse. As long as devs are familiar with JavaScript, they can explore and connect Smart Modules to build decentralized apps without having to write a single line of smart contract code. 

If you are an existing Web3-native smart contract developer, you can build or contribute your idea(s) for Smart Module(s) which will be audited and implemented on the Hyperverse for other devs to use. These Smart Modules can be built using the Hyperverse Starter Kit

web3con 2022 bounty breakdown

web3con 2022 is a great platform for JavaScript devs and Smart Contract devs to monetize their learnings. Decentology is premiering its first bounty program with web3con 2022. The total bounty pool comprises $10,000 and here’s the breakdown:

For JavaScript developers

Bounty: $500

Number of open bounties: 10

Requirements: GitHub repo link with full-stack application and 3-min video demonstrating the app

For Smart Contract developers

Bounty: $1000

Number of open bounties: 5

Requirements: GitHub repo link with smart module and sample app, plus 3-min video demonstrating the app

✨ Get inspired to build your own Web3 app on the Hyperverse

As a JavaScript developer, you can leverage from these six Smart Modules:

  1. Tribes: Create, join, and exit from a selection of tribes
  2. ERC-20: Build your own token using our ERC-20 Smart Module
  3. ERC-721: Build your own NFT using our ERC-721 Smart Module
  4. Staking: Want your Web3 app users to lock their ERC-20 tokens? Use this module!
  5. Rewards: Hand out rewards to your users using this module
  6. Random number generator: Leverage our Chainlink module to generate a random number on the fly

Struggling to get inspired? Here are some ideas that you might like:

If you have more ideas, pop into our Discord and we’d be happy to engage with you! 

Sign up for the hackathon here.