Can You Build Basic Commerce Modules Using the Hyperverse

A quick excerpt of a Discord conversation around building basic commerce modules using the Hyperverse.

Can You Build Basic Commerce Modules Using the Hyperverse

Here's a blog spurred by a conversation between our Discord member Rob and Nik Kalyani, our Founder & CEO, on the Hyperverse DAO Discord.

Rob had some questions around building some basic commerce Smart Modules when creating a blockchain game.

In a game, a user might have to buy tokens in-game or through a website, so one might need to track deposits, and also transfer them over to the main platform wallet. Can the Hyperverse perform functions such as creating wallet addresses and adding web hook triggers when a deposit has been made?


In an essence, any functionality that a Smart Module developer decides to build on the Hyperverse is usable by JavaScript developers. So, here are Nik's answers:

A) Can the Hyperverse be used to create wallet addresses for deposits?

This is not a dApp function, you'd do this at the wallet level and obtain a private key and its corresponding address

B) Can one use the Hyperverse to retrieve a deposit wallet address?
You'd actually use a function in the Smart Module (maybe something like "updateDepositAccount") to tell the contract what the deposit account should be. This is flexible and allows an authorized user to change the address.

C) Can you use the Hyperverse to add a web hook trigger to send a notification when funds have been deposited?
The Hyperverse JS abstraction does provide you the ability to respond to blockchain events in your client-side React code. You can add code to handle notifications.

D) Can the Hyperverse be used to Send / Transfer fund(s) to another wallet?
Send/receive funds are basic features of ERC-20 contracts, so yes, this is feasible

Thanks for the question Rob, and keep them coming!

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