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What is the Hyperverse? (🧩, 🧊)

Created by the HyperverseDAO, the Hyperverse is an open, secure, on-chain code marketplace that’s built with the power of community and Web3 culture.

Our Goal? 🎯

Make Web3 accessible to millions of developers. How? By making it familiar and easy for JavaScript developers to build for Web3.

Start Building Today!

You can build your own Web3 app quickly and easily using 'Tribes', the world’s first Hyperverse module. Also, gain exclusive access to the latest features of the Hyperverse.

What’s next? 👀

 1. Head over to the Hyperverse docs.
2. Explore and build Web3 apps at hyperspeed with JavaScript on Flow, Ethereum, Metis, and Algorand blockchain.
3. Share your thoughts and suggestions on our Discord or Discourse feedback forum.
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