What's Brewing 🍵 August 9th | Weekly Update

August 9, 2021


🌊  This week on Fast Floward: Learn how to write composable smart contracts on Fast

Composable smart contracts are analogous to Web 2.0 APIs. You don't really need to program each function of your smart contract. You can instead leverage code from other public smart contracts to perform ad hoc functions. This week on Fast Floward is all about learning how to use other smart contracts in your smart contract. Check out this video on our YouTube channel to get started with smart contract composability!

⏩  Access Fast Floward content on YouTube

If you could not make it to our Office Hours, no worries. We got you covered. You can access recorded stream of our OH as well as watch video content of Fast Floward. Check out our YouTube channel here.

✔️ Join Fast Floward waitlist

Fast Floward has been a huge success so far! More than 500 developers from all over the world signed up for Fast Floward. We've closed applications for this round of Fast Floward, but if you want to learn how to build on the Flow blockchain, join our Fast Floward bootcamp waitlist here.

🎮 Want to learn how to build a game on blockchain? Stay updated with what's up in Goobieverse

We are launching a blogpost series about our journey of working on Project Goobieverse. Project Goobieverse is all about learning how to create immersive, and engaging games on the blockchain. We will share how we came up with engaging game mechanics, deep dive into NFT art generative engine, wireframing of the game, and of course... how it is all glued together!

So yeah, there is a lot more to it than simply writing a smart contract and we are very excited to share our journey with you!

Weekly Office Hours

👋  We host weekly office hours to talk about DappStarter platform— what you built, if in case you are looking for help or inspiration. We would be happy to help! You can find us on Discord every Wednesday at 2 pm PT.

Stuck somewhere?

👩‍💻 👨‍💻 If you are already building with DappStarter and have hit a roadblock, don't worry. Simply post the issue on our Discord server and we will get you unblocked within 24 hours!

We are curious what you built!

We are always excited to see what you have built with DappStarter! Share your projects with us on our Discord server or tag us in your tweet with @Decentology.

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