DeFi Hackathon 2022 - Everything you need to know

On Sept. 14, we announced the Soft Launch of the the Hyperverse X SafuuX DefiHackathon 2022. Here’s everything you need to know about registering your interest and setting your eyes on the $125,000 prize money pool.

DeFi Hackathon 2022 - Everything you need to know

Three weeks of hacking. $125k of prizes. Compose scalable DeFi dApps quickly on Vulcan blockchain quickly and easily using the ⌘Hyperverse. The idea is simple - to bring DeFi tech to the masses and accelerate the adoption of Web3.

Grand Launch of Hackathon at Crypto Expo Dubai 2022

We are looking forward to announce the start of the Hackathon on Oct. 5th, at the opening day of Crypto Expo Dubai 2022.  From then on, participants will have till Oct. 25th to build projects that span a variety of DeFi use cases using the ⌘Hyperverse Smart Modules in the Hyperverse-Vulcan Builderkit. Winners will be announced on Oct. 28th.

The ⌘Hyperverse Builderkit is a composable package containing DeFi Smart Modules for inspiration

$125k Prize Pool Breakdown

2 First Place Winners @ $25,000 each

3 Second Place Winners @ $10,000 each

5 Third Place Winners @ $5,000 each

20 Community Choice Prizes @ $1,000

Where can I register?

Registration will officially open on Oct. 5. But, you can start submitting your interest to participate in the Hackathon at

Where can I ask more questions?

At our Discord, which is where you can also start scouting for team members. Remember to join the conversation in the Vulcan Working Group.

Where can I find more resources about building on the ⌘Hyperverse?

Explore our docs.Our, visit our YouTube channel for some helpful videos.

That’s all for now. Start gathering your team mates, and remember to register your interest here.

Good luck, and let’s 🚀 BUIDL some cool stuff!

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