Configuring Your Dapp with DappStarter

1. Select your Smart Contract Stack (blockchain, language, framework)
2. Choose the features you need for your blockchain app
3. Customize your blockchain app

Configuring Ganache & Running Your Dapp Locally

1. Install dependencies
2. Configure Ganache

Deploy Dapp Locally:
1. Compile smart contract and deploy to Ganache & run webpack dev server
2. Check out your dapp on localhost!

Configuring Your Blockchain App

In this video, we walk through DappStarter feature blocks and how to use them. Specifically, we’ll take a closer look at the Administrator Role, Contract Run State, and IPFS Documents blocks.

Customizing Your Blockchain App

In this video, we walk through how to customize your DappStarter application.

Meet the Host

Nik is an entrepreneur and hacker, 12-year Microsoft MVP, and blockchain and cryptocurrency aficionado. He enjoys competing and winning in hackathons.

Nik Kalyani

Co-founder, Decentology